The Forensic Early Intervention Service – A New Pathway Initiative to Mental Health Care – 2015-11-18

The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) and Forensic Early Intervention Service (FEIS) is a new program housed in the Toronto South Detention Centre (TSDC). FEIS is a partnership between CAMH, the Ministry of Long Term Care (MOHLTC) and the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services (MCSCS). FEIS will work collaboratively

Hamilton Acquired Brain Injury-Corrections Working Group – Integrating Multiple Sectors for Better Complex Case Management – 2015-11-18

This presentation will describe the development of the Hamilton Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) – Corrections Working Group which addresses the concerns of adults suspected of having an ABI, are at high risk in the community and have frequent contact with the criminal justice system. It will also include other work of the

Reintegration Centre Inception and Development – Mobilizing the Community – 2015-11-17

The Reintegration Centre locates various service providers under one roof to address the reintegration needs of releases. In this pioneering model, it is expected that enhanced service continuity for men immediately upon discharge will increase community safety, reduce likelihood of recidivism and even prevent deaths resulting from accidental drug overdoses. Reintegration Centre Inception

Optimizing Collaboration between Hamilton Detention Centre & Mental Health Services Through the Use of CTO’s – 2015-11-17

In this session, we will discuss our experiences with community treatment orders (CTO’s), including the value and limitations of CTOs and barriers and challenges to using CTOs for mentally ill offenders. We will describe innovative justice-healthcare collaborations and the essential components that facilitated effective use of CTOs. Optimizing Collaboration between Hamilton Detention

Meeting the Needs of Aboriginal Women in Ontario Corrections Through Programs and Services – 2015-11-17

This presentation will provide an overview of the programming and service strategies Ontario is using to address the needs of Aboriginal women who find themselves involved in correctional services; also how these programs and services can assist Aboriginal women in successful reintegration back into the community. Included in the presentation are Statistics,

Trauma, PTSD, and the Probation Client – Shifting Paradigms, Investigating the Need for a Trauma Informed Approach – 2015-11-16

Probation clients often have significant histories of trauma exposure, are at an increased risk of revictimization, further trauma exposure and developing other co-morbid mental health issues. Barriers to trauma disclosure and treatment will be examined as we sensitize practitioners in the criminal justice system towards adopting “a trauma-informed approach.” Trauma, PTSD, and

Discharge from Court Protocol – Why the Need and What Was the Gap in Services – 2015-11-16

The Red Bag Program, now called the Discharge from Court Protocol, was signed in 2010 as a Pilot Project for OCDC with Champlain East and with Renfrew County. These sealed, red envelopes are used to facilitate the transfer of special needs offenders’ belongings from Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre to their respective courts. Such belongings

Forensic Early Intervention Service (FEIS)

In this webinar, the presenters will cover: Overview of Forensic Early Intervention Service at the Toronto South Detention Centre Support available to clients and their family through the Forensic Early Intervention Service Outcomes and challenges of the Forensic Early Intervention Service Recommendations for mental health providers for working with justice-involved

Strategies for Community Service Providers for Engaging in Communication with Correctional Facilities in Ontario

Strategies for Community Service Providers for Engaging in Communication with Correctional Facilities in Ontario 2013-01-22 Presented by Katie Almond, George Kurzawa, Uppala Chandrasekera, and Leslie Wight. Click here to watch the webinar HSJCC Info Guide – Strategies for Community Service Providers for Engaging in Communication with Correctional Facilities in Ontario