The North Community Network of Specialized Care Skills Systems Group – An Adaptation Of DBT for People with Developmental Disabilities Delivered by Videoconference

The NCNSC Skills System Group provides this adaptation of DBT via videoconference to people across northern Ontario who have developmental disabilities *DD (and problems with emotion regulation). It is proving to be effective in helping people with DD reduce challenging behaviour while building capacity across sectors. The North Community Network of Specialized

Opening the Doors of Justice – An Attempt to Make True Justice Accessible to People with an Intellectual Disability Who Have Been the Victims of a Crime – 2015-11-17

Mark Pathak pioneered a model of work to enable people with intellectual disabilities engage with the criminal justice system as complainants. The framework provides specialist support to help witnesses prepare for the courtroom experience while helping the court understand in advance the capabilities of the witnesses. Opening the Doors of Justice –

Developmental Disabilities Awareness in the Justice System Project – 2015-11-16

In its Knowledge Gap Analysis of Individuals with a Developmental Disability and Interactions with the Law, the Inter-ministerial Mental Health & Justice Committee identified a need to build capacity and share knowledge within the justice sector about people with developmental disabilities. This presentation will provide an overview of an ongoing project aimed at