Job-related stress in psychiatric assistant nurses – 2017-10-17

Aim We aimed to clarify how stress among psychiatric assistant nurses (PANs) differed from Registered Nurses (PRNs). Design Cross-sectional survey study was conducted with PRNs and PANs working in six psychiatric hospitals in Japan. Methods The Psychiatric Nurse Job Stressor Scale (PNJSS) and the job stressor and stress reaction subscales

Burnout Among Direct-Care Workers in Nursing Homes: Influences of Organizational, Work Place, Interpersonal, and Personal Characteristics – 2018-01-10

Aims and Objectives The many negative effects of burnout have prompted researchers to better understand the factors contributing to it. The purpose of this paper is to add to this body of knowledge through the study of burnout among direct care workers (DCWs) in nursing homes (NH). Background Perhaps the

Violence against doctors, a serious concern for healthcare organizations to ponder about – 2018-01

Highlights • Aggression and violence against doctors is reportedly high. • Quantification of the sense of safety felt by male and female primary care physicians. • Determining the proportion of doctors who experienced aggression and violence. • Determining the type of aggression or violence. • Needing the necessary subject be

Transforming Compassion Fatigue – 2015-11-16

Compassion Fatigue and vicarious trauma are natural consequences of the work carried out by those employed in law enforcement, mental health and the justice occupations. We can no longer afford to view the ‘burned out’ staff as an anomaly. We must take action to protect the psychological well-being of helping professionals. Tranforming

Transforming Compassion Fatigue

In this webinar you’ll learn the following: the need to address compassion fatigue physical, psychological and behavioral signs and symptoms of compassion fatigue components of self-compassion 2016-02-17 Presented by Patricia Baigent. Moderated by Trevor Tymchuk. Click here to watch the webinar Transforming Compassion Fatigue Webinar – 2016-02-17