Durham Regional HSJCC Objectives

a) Committee’s over all goals and key commitments:

  • To meet Provincial HSJCC objectives and support the mandate.
  • Help create solutions to enhance the system.
  • Increase Durham Regional HSJCC Membership with diverse (system) representation and key players on the committee who have connections with other key players.
  • To create a better understanding of the of the different systems and services.
  • Collaboration of stakeholders to bring about change for quality care and services provided.

b) Committee’s specific objectives:

  • Regular scheduled bi-monthly meetings with Agenda that includes roundtable discussions and updates as a standing item.
  • Increase information sharing among members using centralized administration support and via email between meetings to enhance communication, knowledge sharing and working together.
  • Maintain updated information on Provincial website regarding Durham Regional HSJCC. Increase education and knowledge transfer through education events (in the Spring).
  • Have assigned, organized and working sub-committees within the Durham Regional HSJCC with follow through/moving forward on issues regarding enhancement of services.
  • Work closer with the Court system.
  • Focus on top issues: Aging population – Geriatric, Dementia, Seniors; Housing; Higher needs/Complicated/Higher level short and long term supports regarding Youth issues; Diversion and Property belongings issue. Please refer to IV. Scope of Program – Committee Workplan plan for further specifics.