Assessing & Treating Adolescents with High-Risk Behaviours

Adolescent high-risk behaviour (violence, aggression, sexual offending, etc.) is a serious public health concern. Service providers working with this population must have a sound understanding of factors related to both emerging and latent violent/aggressive characteristics that are associated with recidivism. Increasingly, treatment to address these problems is occupying other sectors outside of mental health – public health and youth justice are two examples. This workshop will provide understanding and guidance from the perspective of an experienced clinician and program director to design programs and services that better address the issues.

In this course front line staff, therapists, and managers will learn factors for assessing risk and identifying treatment direction, as well as developing cogent safety plans and community reintegration plans. Understanding risk and providing the appropriate treatment in accordance with the Risk-Need-Responsivity (RNR) Principles will dramatically increase positive outcomes and decrease service duration and risk to community.