Short-Term Interventions to Initiate Meaningful Change

2019-01-31 @ 9:30 am 2019-02-01 @ 4:00 pm

This workshop will focus on the theory and practical applications of short-term interventions in a variety of settings with the intention of maximizing impact and initiating meaningful change in short periods of time.

This training seeks to bypass some of the systemic barriers(i.e. access, finances, social stigma)associated with long-term counseling models, by offering an introduction to short-term interventions that are engaging, positive, impactful and can be implemented in many non-traditional settings. Using the principals and techniques of Solution Focused Brief Therapy, participants will understand and practice the art of asking meaningful questions that allow clients to become more empowered, hopeful, active and involved in the process of moving forward with their lives in a positive way.