Supervising Staff with a Trauma-Informed View

The realization that the majority, if not all of the clients’ we serve have experienced Trauma has led to a significant shift in our system. Organizations are being tasked with ensuring that their policies, interventions, practices and procedures are trauma informed to prevent retraumatization. The challenge to supervisors is that not only do they have to be proficient in their understanding of Trauma, Attachment Theory, Brain and Human/Child Development research and theory; they also need to ensure that the workers they are responsible for are diligently applying this knowledge to their work. A truly trauma informed agency uses these same principles to guide them in their management practices. In a busy social service agency where service delivery is a priority, learning how to supervise your staff with a Trauma Informed lens will improve your service outcomes, increase staff satisfaction and promote agency health. This workshop will also provide a safe environment to discuss how workers are people too and how to best support them when challenged by their own histories of trauma and current life events. This course is recommended for both new and experienced supervisors. The format of this 1-day training workshop will be a mix of didactic and experiential activities. Participants should attend the full workshop in order to receive a Certificate of Participation.