The Power of … Music & Children & Youth Mental Health

The final webinar in Umind’s “The Power of …” webinar series focusing on complimentary approaches to youth mental health. In this webinar, the power of music and its effects on children and youth mental health will be explored with concrete examples from the Music Therapy Program at Lutherwood. Brian, Lutherwood’s music therapist will identify and give examples of primary treatment interventions including: song-writing; improvisation; lyric analysis; singing; and modified/adapted instrument instruction. Examples of treatment goals facilitated using the described interventions will also be provided. Brian will explain the efficacy of music therapy as a form of treatment and why youth connect so strongly to music. Brian will recount specific success stories in music therapy with this population as well as provide youth testimonials from their participation in treatment.

Brian McBay has been a member of the Children’s Mental Health Services team at Lutherwood for five years. He offers 1:1 and group music therapy sessions to youth experiencing a wide variety of mental health issues. Brian is a certified music therapist with the Canadian Association for Music Therapists and a Registered Psychotherapist with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario. Brian offers experiential opportunities for youth in sessions, including song-writing, lyric analysis, improvisation and singing that target specific goal areas. Group sessions have included bucket drumming, an ukulele choir and a rock band. Brian also hosts a Coffee House twice a year for youth and staff to perform in front of their peers in order to challenge themselves and step out of their comfort zones, in a safe environment.