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Risk Formulation

Wednesday 22 March 2017, 01:00pm - 02:00pm

This live webinar will focus on Risk Formulation. Risk formulation is a critical step for guiding decision-making when assessing and managing violence risk. If we do not have an understanding of why someone engaged in violence in the past it is difficult, if not impossible, to prevent that individual from engaging in future violence. Although the process of formulation is considered a core competence in the practice of mental health, including forensic mental health, there are few explicit clinical guidelines for this skill and very little research evaluating this skill.

This webinar will provide an overview of various approaches to formulation, with a focus on an approach to formulation that was developed specifically for understanding perpetration of past violence. It does so by providing a structure for evaluating motivators, disinhibitors, and destabilizers for past violence. This approach to formulation is informed by decision theory and is used routinely in the Structured Professional Judgement model of violence risk assessment.


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