Waterloo/Wellington Regional HSJCC

HSJCC Information

Regional or Local HSJCC: Regional Waterloo-Wellington HSJCC (WWHSJCC)

HSJCC Chair/Co-Chairs: Sharon Deally-Grzybowski and Joan Nandlal (as of April 2016)

Chair/Co-chairs contact: sgrzybowski@cmhawwd.ca, joannandlal@waterloo.johnhoward.on.ca

HSJCC Objectives

a) Committee’s over all goals and key commitments:

Goals for 2016 include to increase committee member’s awareness and understanding on a number of cultural issues and mental health needs

b) Committee’s specific objectives:

· First Nations, Metis, Inuit

· Culturally appropriate responsiveness

· Geriatrics and Justice

· Impacts of trauma on brain development