The Opioid Crisis in our Justice System

Please join us for a full day conference about the Opioid Crisis in our justice system. Topics include the origins of fentanyl and opioids, why it has become a crisis in York Region, opioids in the correctional facilities, how to use narcon and naloxone kits, and client services and supports.

We have recruited some amazing and well known speakers from across the country including award winning speaker, Joe Roberts, skid row CEO and founder of the Push for Change. We also have speakers from Youth Speak, a youth empowerment agency that develops awareness around bullying, mental health and addiction. Local speakers include: Addiction Services for York Region, York Region Police, and a member of the Ontario Court of Justice Judciary.

This event includes a light breakfast and lunch as well as coffee and snacks throughout the day.

This is a CPD accredited event.

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HSJCC Objectives

a) Committee’s over all goals and key commitments:

  • To promote coordination and communication within the criminal justice system
  • To promote and support new initiatives in the region
  • To participate in knowledge exchange activities
  • To promote cross sector coordination for specific client groups

b) Committee’s specific objectives:

  • To identify emerging trends and gaps in services and find regional solutions
  • To promote and monitor court initiatives such as mental health court, youth mental health court and support it’s development
  • To promote and monitor new police-priority client initiatives, including police and stakeholder training
  • To share best practices regarding new initiatives and to advocate for new initiatives
  • To improves access to psychiatric assessments, treatment and follow up by improving use of existing resources
  • To promote training opportunities and links to existing training
  • To host training sessions in partnership with other regional/district partners and facilitate participation in training sessions
  • To communicate broadly opportunities for education and training
  • To develop and host a Seniors conference