A Comparative Effectiveness Trial to Reduce Burnout and Improve Quality of Care [2018]

Clinician burnout is presumed to negatively impact healthcare quality; yet scant research has rigorously addressed this hypothesis. Using a mixed-methods, randomized, comparative effectiveness design, we tested two competing approaches to improve care—one addressing clinician burnout and the other addressing how clinicians interact with consumers—with 192 clinicians and 469 consumers at two community mental health centers. Although qualitative reports were promising, we found no comparative effectiveness for either intervention on burnout, patient-centered processes, or other outcomes. Discussion includes identifying ways to strengthen approaches to clinician burnout.

Michelle P. Salyers, Jennifer M. Garabrant, Lauren Luther, Nancy Henry, Sadaaki Fukui, Dawn Shimp, Wei Wu, Tim Gearhart, Gary Morse, Mary M. York, Angela L. Rollins
Administration and Policy in Mental Health and Mental Health Services Research, March 2019, Volume 46, Issue 2