A comparison of latent profiles in antisocial male offenders – 2018


• Performed a Latent Profile Analysis on the Self-Report Psychopathy (SRP) scale

• Four distinct antisocial profiles were identified in male offenders.

• The four profiles were dissociated by personality and criminogenic factors.

• First demonstration of valid antisocial profiles using a psychopathy questionnaire

Within forensic settings, the tools used to evaluate subtypes of antisocial offenders (e.g. interview-based measures such as the Psychopathy Checklist) are expensive and time consuming. The purpose of the present study was to identify and validate distinct antisocial profiles in male offenders using questionnaires. In the future, this approach could help us identify antisocial profiles in a cost-effective way.

First, we investigated the robustness and replicability of the profiles reported by previous profiling studies by performing latent profile analysis using the Self-Report Psychopathy Short-Form. Second, we studied how these profiles were linked to personality correlates that have been used to differentiate between groups of antisocial offenders. Third, we investigated how each profile was related to a broad range of behaviours seen in antisocial populations.

Four antisocial profiles were identified: generic offenders, impulsive-antisocial traits offenders, non-antisocial psychopathic traits offenders, and psychopathic traits offenders. The validity of these profiles was supported by their links with external personality and behavioural correlates.

Consistent with previous research using interview-based measures, these findings provide support for the presence of four distinct antisocial profiles based on self-report psychopathy scores in male offenders. Furthermore, findings provide relatively extensive and multifaceted characterizations of each profile.

Josi M.A. Driessen, Kostas A. Fanti, Jeffrey C. Glennon, Craig S. Neumann, Arielle R. Baskin-Sommers, Inti A. Brazil
Journal of Criminal Justice, Volume 57, July–August 2018