A High-Level Policies and Procedures Guide for Isolation Sites for People Experiencing Homelessness [2020-03]

In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic and risks associated with local transmission in municipal settings, the Inner City Health Associates and the City of Toronto are collaboratively developing a plan to support people experiencing homelessness during times with heightened risk of infection. This collaborative plan includes the establishment of a dedicated site where individuals experiencing homelessness can be safely and effectively isolated and/or quarantined consistent with public health standards, as well as appropriate procedures to manage admission and transfer to this site.

These policies and procedures are intended to serve as a general guide and framework to supplement existing public health protocols to ensure individuals experiencing homelessness are supported in preventing acquisition and transmission of COVID-19. This framework was done in very short order and continues to be a work in progress. It will need to be adapted to meet both jurisdictional needs and other needs that will become apparent as isolation sites are more fully implemented. We hope to get a lot of input, comments and suggestions on this version. We tried as much as possible to avoid putting in recommendations that are available in official documents. Readers are encouraged to consult more current sources for infection prevention and control (IPC) and control measure protocols.

Read the guide here.

Tomislav Svoboda, Stefan Baral, Paul Perlas, Andrew Bond, Aaron Orkin, Leslie Jardine, Gord Tanner
Inner City Health Associates, City of Toronto
March 2020