A Prospective Examination of the Predictive Validity of Five Structured Instruments for Inpatient Violence in a Secure Forensic Hospital – 2018

This prospective study investigated the predictive validity of five structured risk/forensic instruments for inpatient violence risk in a secure forensic hospital. Episodes of inpatient violence and the following instruments were each coded from hospital files: Historical Clinical Risk Management 20 – Version 3 (HCR-20V3), Psychopathy Checklist Revised (PCL-R), Short-Term Assessment of Risk and Treatability (START), Revised Violence Risk Appraisal Guide (VRAG-R), and Violence Risk Scale (VRS). The dynamic/clinical instruments (HCR-20V3, START, and VRS) predicted inpatient violence, even after controlling for the static measures. The results indicated that structured risk instruments may be applied to the assessment of inpatient violence risk.

Neil R. Hogan & Mark E. Olver
International Journal of Forensic Mental Health, 27 Feb 2018