A systematic review of nurse‐led interventions with populations experiencing homelessness [2018]

Homelessness is associated with poorer health status, and affects men, women, children, and veterans alike across the United States. With over half a million‐people suffering from homelessness on any given night, it is imperative that the health care delivery system step in to help this vulnerable group. Registered nurses encounter people experiencing homelessness in hospitals, clinics, shelters, and across the public health sector. They have the necessary skills to help make positive health‐related changes for homeless populations and improve their overall quality of life. Therefore, the purpose of this systematic review was to (a) assess existing nurse‐led interventional studies with homeless populations, (b) highlight effective methods that nurses used to impact care, and (c) make recommendations about future research needed. PRISMA guidelines were used and multiple databases were searched for nurse‐led interventional research with those experiencing homelessness. Recommendations include using a holistic nursing approach when working to improve outcomes for homeless populations to ensure optimal treatment for their complex physical, mental, and social health problems.

Jillian J. Weber PhD, RN, CNL

Public Health Nursing, 23 October 2018