Addiction: A Match Between Lived Experience and Neuroscience – Webinar – 2020/09/14

This presentation seeks to show how the lived experience of addiction reflects the neuroscience that informs us by matching the presenter’s lived experience with information from The Surgeon General’s Report on Alcohol, Drugs and Health , published in 2016. The presenter will demonstrate how this should also inform treatment.

Presenter: Karen James is a person with lived experience of having grown up in an addicted family, having become addicted, having recovered from addiction and having worked in the addiction field for 25 years. Her background lends an expertise from a number of significant experiences. She is the author of the personal memoir One Day I Stepped Back Into Myself which was published through Amazon. She has authored numerous poetry books under the title “The Word Warrior” that seek to address social injustices. She is a spoken word poet and an artist.

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