Addictions – A Systems Approach via Creativity, Mindfulness and Social Innovation – 2019-11-04

Canada has one of the highest rates of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Almost 75% of those surviving severe trauma and 50% of males with chronic PTSD have challenges with substance abuse. The psychosocial impact of trauma is complex and affects not only individuals, but families and communal systems in what is called collective trauma. Decreased social capital can result, with individual sense of meaninglessness, familial relationship breakdown, and also a reduction in social and economic transactions. This presentation will display research on social innovation or novel social programs that can profoundly change the social system in which a complex social problem such as addiction occurs, along with results of a study in how creativity and mindfulness can assist in communal healing of collective trauma that can surround addictions. A framework for agencies to use in addressing such complexities will be offered.

Presenter: Mike Unrau