Aligning age-friendly and dementia-friendly communities in the UK – 2018

The purpose of this paper is to set out the history and origins of dementia-friendly communities (DFCs) and age-friendly communities (AFCs) in the UK, the differing frameworks and how they compare, and set out some key messages about how they might learn from each other.

This paper is a summary piece written by leaders in the two fields.

It aims to reduce potential confusion around AFCs and DFCs, and provides some practical ways that the two initiatives might work together and find common ground. By learning from each other, both age-friendly and DFCs can grow their reach and their impact as complementary, and not competing, programmes.

The original development of some of the ideas in this paper comes from a paper Natalie Turner co-wrote with Lydia Morken at AARP ( For this paper, the authors reviewed the approach within the UK context and have furthered and added to the original insights.

Natalie Turner, Stacy Cannon
Working with Older People, 2018