Alternative Resolution Court – How Do We Spell SUCCESS? – 2019-11-05

The Peel Alternative Resolution Court is a collaborative approach in a “therapeutic judicial” environment at the A Grenville and William Davis Court. ARC supports individuals who are living with mental illness, developmental and intellectual delay, dual diagnosis, concurrent disorders, acquired brain injury and age related illnesses who come into contact with the justice system. The aim of this court is to redirect individuals from the criminal justice system to community and social supports. This process promotes recovery and reduces recidivism by approaching people with respect and dignity thus empowering positive change. The presenters will outline the collaborative approach created in this court for vulnerable people and for those who may not fare well in the regular court stream. Not all who attend ARC will complete their matters without sanctions, although they may be better suited, supported and served in our smaller, more intimate environment.

Presenters: Christine Lund, Karen McCallum, Justice of the Peace Karen Marie Murphy, Justice Paul O’Marra, Lucy Rasmussen, Shelly Schneider