Bridging the Gap: Programs that Intersect Forensic Mental Health and Corrections [2021-11-16]

Individuals with serious mental illnesses are over-represented in correctional facilities. Given the intersection of mental health and the justice systems, the Ministries of Health (MOH) and the Solicitor General (SolGen) have partnered to work across government to support this vulnerable population. The presentation would highlight two innovative projects that bridge the gap between the correctional and forensic mental health systems, including:

1. Forensic Early Intervention Program (FEIS): The FEIS program provides access to voluntary mental health services for inmates with forensic mental health needs, which include those at risk of being unfit to stand trial.

2. Acute Care Stabilization (AC/S) Beds: AC/S beds in forensic hospitals provide inmates with acute mental illness improved access to treatment in a secure mental health inpatient setting. The beds are reserved for inmates that have a history of aggression and/or pose an elopement risk and may be too complex for a general hospital.


Breanna Kelly | Ministry of Health

Daniel Habashy | Ministry of Health

Erin Sabiti | Ministry of the Solicitor General

Theresa Berry | Ministry of the Solicitor General