Burnout and Mental Health Stigma Among Juvenile Probation Officers: The Moderating Effect of Participatory Atmosphere [2018]

Despite high rates of mental health problems among juvenile justice-involved youth, mental health stigma among juvenile probation officers (JPOs) is under-studied. This cross-sectional study examined effects of job burnout and workplace participatory atmosphere on mental health stigma among JPOs across Indiana (n = 226). Participatory atmosphere moderated the relationship between JPO burnout-related cynicism and mental health stigma (interaction β = − 0.14, p = .04); burnout was related to greater mental health stigma at low levels of participatory atmosphere. Findings suggest participatory atmosphere mitigates effects of burnout on mental health stigma among JPOs. Organizational-level interventions might help to reduce mental health stigma and combat negative effects from burnout among JPOs.

Allyson L. Dir, Lisa Saldana, Jason E. Chapman, Matthew C. Aalsma
Administration and Policy in Mental Health and Mental Health Services Research, March 2019, Volume 46, Issue 2