Criminogenic Factors and Recidivism

The Moderating Effect of Substance Abuse Treatment Engagement on the Connection Between Support From Program Participants and Substance-Related Recidivism for Justice-Involved Women [2019]

This study examines the prediction of substance-related technical violations and arrests from (a) a three-dimensional measure of substance abuse treatment engagement—treatment satisfaction, treatment participation, and counselor rapport—and (b) support from peers in the treatment program.

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Sociodemographic Characteristics, Adverse Childhood Experiences, and Substance Use and Psychiatric Disorders Among Adolescent-Limited, Adult-Onset, Life-Course-Persistent Offenders and Nonoffenders in a General Population Survey [2020]

This study compared sociodemographic characteristics, adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), and substance use and psychiatric disorders between adolescent-limited (AL), adult-onset (AO), life-course-persistent (LP) and nonoffender (NO) groups using a large U.S. general population survey. The odds

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