Challenges and Opportunities for Ex-Offender Support Through Community Nursing [2018]

This study was a qualitative case study underpinned by “The Silences Framework” aimed at mapping the ex-offender health pathway towards identifying “touch points” in the community for the delivery of a nurse-led intervention. Participants meeting the study inclusion criteria were quantitatively ranked based on poor health. Participants scoring the lowest and endorsing their ranking through a confirmation of a health condition were selected as cases and interviewed over 6 months. Individuals in the professional networks of offenders contextualized emergent themes. The study indicated that pre-release, offenders were not prepared in prison for the continuity in access to healthcare in the community. On release, reintegration preparation did not routinely enquire whether offenders were still registered with a general practitioner or had the agency to register self in the community. Participants identified the site of post-release supervision as the “touch point” where a nurse-led intervention could be delivered.

Cyril Eshareturi, Laura Serrant

International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology, Vol 62, Issue 14, 2018