Characteristics and Needs of Long-Stay Forensic Psychiatric Inpatients: A Rapid Review of the Literature – 2018

This rapid review summarizes currently available information on the definition, prevalence, characteristics, and needs of long-stay patients within forensic psychiatric settings. Sixty nine documents from 14 countries were identified. Reports on what constitutes “long-stay” and on the characteristics of long-stay patients were inconsistent. Factors most frequently associated with longer stay were seriousness of index offence, history of psychiatric treatment, cognitive deficit, severity of illness, diagnosis of schizophrenia or psychotic disorder, history of violence, and history of substance misuse. Although some countries are developing specific long-stay services, there is presently no consensus on what might constitute “best practice” in such settings.

Nick Huband, Vivek Furtado, Sandra Schel, Mareike Eckert, Natalie Cheung, Erik Bulten & Birgit Völlm
International Journal of Forensic Mental Health, 15 Jan 2018