Codevelopment of Delinquency, Alcohol Use, and Aggression Toward Peers and Dates: Multitrajectory Patterns and Predictors [2020]

We aimed to characterize developmental patterns of involvement in alcohol use, delinquency, and interpersonal aggression in a normative sample of adolescents by applying multitrajectory group‐based modeling. Using seven waves of data from a cohort sequential study spanning the 6th to 12th grades (n = 2,825; 50% girls), we identified four distinct trajectory groups: low risk (33%), declining peer aggressors (44%), peer and dating aggressors (13%), and multidomain high risk (10%). Across all comparisons, girls were more likely than boys to be members of the peer and dating aggressor group and less likely to be members of the multidomain high‐risk group. Moreover, individual (self‐control, negative emotionality), family (family violence, parental monitoring), and peer (substance use norms) distinguished class membership.

Heathe Luz McNaughton Reyes, Vangie Ann Foshee, Nisha C. Gottfredson, Susan T. Ennett, May S. Chen
Journal of Research on Adolescence, 12 September 2020