Comparison of Mental Health Literacy between Criminal Justice Students and Police Academy Cadets: An Exploratory Study [2020]

Given that the prevalence of mental illness is significantly higher in the criminal justice system than the general population in the United States, this study examined the mental health literacy of undergraduate criminal justice students and police academy cadets in Ohio. The Mental Health Literacy Scale (MHLS) was used to measure the six attributes of mental health literacy. Participants completed the MHLS along with demographics using a web-based survey. Results indicated that participants were generally knowledgeable in mental health. Results also indicated that there was no difference in mental health literacy among participants’ ages, levels of education, racial identities, and regions; however, there was a significant difference in mental health literacy among male and female participants.

James Scollione & E. Gregory Holdan
Journal of Criminal Justice Education, Volume 31, 2020 – Issue 3