Correlates and Predictors of Stigmatization of Patients With Mental Illness Among Nursing Students [2018]

The purpose of the current study was to explore knowledge of, attitudes about, and perception of stigma among nursing students in relation to mental illness, and to identify the predictors of stigma toward patients with mental illness based on nursing students’ characteristics, knowledge, and attitude. A cross-sectional survey was conducted on 169 participants from a university in Jordan. The regression model predicted a relatively moderate proportion of variance in stigma perception. Significant predictors in the model were family income, father’s educational level, and experience with mental health patients. Findings of the current study showed that undergraduate nursing students who had experience with patients with mental illness hold relatively positive perceptions toward mental health patients. Enhancing the content of nursing curriculum regarding issues related to patients with mental illness could help students develop better assessment skills, have more positive attitudes, and gain more accurate knowledge about mental illness.

Sawsan Abuhammad, PhD, RN; Reem Hatamleh, PhD, RN, RMW BSc; Kimberly Howard, MSN; Muayyad M. Ahmad, PhD, RN

Journal of Psychosocial Nursing and Mental Health Services, 2018