Counselor Knows Best? Clinician Assessments of In-Prison Substance Abuse Treatment Participants [2017]

Research has examined responses to substance abuse treatment among criminal justice populations primarily through client self-assessments, and comparatively fewer studies have focused on clinician ratings of client progress. Recently, Blasko and Hiller examined counselor ratings and their association with reincarceration but found no relationship between the two. The current study partially replicated their analyses and explored its own factor structure to compare the findings from a different sample using the same instrument, the Criminal Justice Counselor Rating of Client (CJ CRC). Analyses revealed that although none of the replicated counselor measures predicted reincarceration, higher levels of one measure produced from the factor analysis, Psychological Barriers to Recovery, indicated a significantly higher probability for reincarceration. In light of these conflicting findings, practical implications of this research suggested that clinical assessments of clients may be useful for criminal justice decision making.

Jennifer N. Stanley, Christopher E. Kelly, Wayne N. Welsh

Criminal Justice and Behavior, Vol 44, Issue 11, 2017