Cultural Humility: An Active Concept to Drive Correctional Nursing Practice – 2018-01

Correctional nursing practice is focused on a unique patient population: inmates who present with their own ethnicities and have an imposed culture from the prison structure. As such, culture must be considered to provide holistic care. Madeleine Leininger’s Theory of Culture Care Diversity and Universality, which maintains that care is the essence of nursing (without inclusion of culture, there is no care), suggests three nursing actions: to maintain the patient’s culture, make accommodations for it, and/or repattern cultural ways that may be unhealthful. Given that correctional nurses work within the context (and culture) of custody, Leininger’s nursing actions may not always be feasible; however, showing an underlying attitude of cultural humility is. In this article, cultural humility, the basis of culturally competent care, is described in a manner that can drive nursing practice in corrections.

Steefel, Lorraine DNP, RN, CTN-A
Journal of Forensic Nursing, January/March 2018 – Volume 14 – Issue 1
doi: 10.1097/JFN.0000000000000187