Detecting agitation and aggression in people with dementia using sensors: A systematic review – 2018

Agitation and aggression are among the most challenging symptoms of dementia. Agitated persons with dementia can harm themselves, their caregivers, or other patients in a care facility. Automatic detection of agitation would be useful to alert caregivers so that appropriate interventions can be performed. The building blocks in the automatic detection of agitation and aggression are appropriate sensing platforms and generalized predictive models. In this article, we perform a systematic review of studies that use different types of sensors to detect agitation and aggression in persons with dementia. We conclude that actigraphy shows some evidence of correlation with incidences of agitation and aggression; however, multimodal sensing has not been fully evaluated for this purpose. Based on this systematic review, we provide guidelines and recommendations for future research directions in this field.

Shehroz S. Khan, Bing Ye, Babak Taati, Alex Mihailidis
Alzheimer’s & Dementia, 20 March 2018