Determinants of Unmet Mental Healthcare Needs of Single Adults Who Are Homeless or Vulnerably Housed – 2018

Persons who are homeless experience higher levels of mental illness, unmet mental healthcare needs, and physical healthcare needs than the general population. This study aimed (1) to determine the reasons contributing to having unmet mental healthcare needs (UMHCN) and (2) to examine the determinants of UMHCN among a representative sample of adults who are homeless or vulnerably housed in three Canadian cities (N=1190). Almost a quarter (23.3%) of the sample reported UMHCN in the past year. The reported reasons for having UMHCN pertained especially to the availability (31.5%), accommodation (22.1%), and acceptability (21.3%) of services. Age, city, and need-for-care variables were associated with UMHCN in multivariate analysis. Implications of the findings for policy and program planning are discussed.

Arnaud Duhoux, Tim Aubry, John Ecker, Rebecca Cherner, Ayda Agha, Matthew J. To, Stephen W. Hwang, Anita Palepu
Canadian Journal of Community Mental Health, 2017, 36(3)