Development of Marijuana Use Among Juvenile Offenders and Its Relevance for Predicting Problematic Binge Drinking: A Dual Trajectory Analysis Approach [2018]

This study builds on past research to examine the association of engagement in consistently high binge drinking behavior in adolescence with the concurrent development of marijuana use and to better understand the development of marijuana use during adolescence among a sample of juvenile offenders. This research used group-based trajectory analysis to examine heterogeneity in the development of marijuana use and dual trajectory analysis to examine the relevance of trajectories for predicting concurrent problematic binge drinking. A seven-group model best fit the marijuana use data. Marijuana use in adolescence predicted increased odds of assignment to the heavy chronic binge drinking group. The heavy chronic marijuana use group was overwhelmingly the best predictor of assignment to this group. Juvenile offenders are at risk of engagement in marijuana use and problematic levels of marijuana use. Engagement in marijuana use predicts higher odds of problematic binge drinking behavior during adolescence.

Thomas Wojciechowski

Journal of Drug Issues, Vol 48, Issue 3, 2018