Developmental Disabilities in the Justice System

Developmental Disability Awareness in the Criminal Justice System is a project funded by the Ministry of Community and Social Services. The purpose is to address the knowledge and skills gaps that have been identified by service recipients and service providers regarding developmental disabilities and dual diagnosis within the youth and adult justice sectors.

This webinar will feature a presentation on new resources for professionals working in the justice system, including the Developmental Disabilities Justice Toolkit, which will help them to be more aware of the special needs of this population, as well as provide tools to assist them in working with individuals who have a developmental disability. There will also be the opportunity to hear from and ask questions of a panel who have been involved in a pilot to test these new resources.


Barb Simmons – Director, Community Supports Policy Branch, MCSS

Lisa Holmes – Manager, Eastern Community Network of Specialized Care, Ongwanada

Sharron Brown – Staff Sergeant, Frontenac OPP

Katie Almond – Probation and Parole, MCSCS

Download a copy of the presentation: Developmental Disabilities in the Justice System Presentation February 2018