Effectiveness of an Intervention for Improving Intrinsic Motivation among Adolescent Males in a Secure Substance Use Treatment Setting [2018]

Because intrinsic motivation affects substance use treatment engagement and outcomes, interventions to increase readiness for change are needed. The Treatment Readiness and Induction Program (TRIP) effectively increases intrinsic motivation among youth in community-based residential treatment, but its utility for youth in secure settings is unknown. The current study uses a sequential comparison design to examine the added benefit of TRIP over standard operating practice (SOP) among 125 male adolescents in a juvenile justice treatment facility. Youth receiving TRIP in addition to SOP showed greater increases in problem recognition and desire for help, were three times more likely to want help for emotional problems, and were four times more likely to want individual counseling. Relationships remained after controlling for age and race; however, desire for help was not significant after controlling for substance use severity. Findings document the effectiveness of TRIP for promoting readiness among adolescent males in a secure treatment setting.

Danica K. Knight, George W. Joe, Jennifer E. Becan, Rachel D. Crawley, Sarah E. Theisen, Patrick M. Flynn
Criminal Justice and Behavior, Vol 46, Issue 1, 2019