Effects of alcohol on human aggression [2018]

• An integrative framework for alcohol-facilitated aggression is reviewed.

• Evidence is presented to support this framework of alcohol–aggression etiology.

• This framework organizes factors that may serve as targets for intervention.

There is little debate that alcohol is a contributing cause of aggressive behavior. The extreme complexity of this relation, however, has been the focus of extensive theory and research. And, likely due to this complexity, evidence-based programs to prevent or reduce alcohol-facilitated aggression are quite limited. We integrate I3 Theory and Alcohol Myopia Theory to provide a framework that (1) organizes the myriad instigatory and inhibitory factors that moderate the effect of alcohol on aggression, and (2) highlights the mechanisms by which alcohol facilitates aggression among at-risk individuals. This integrative framework provides the basis for understanding the appropriate targets for prevention and intervention efforts and may serve as a catalyst for future research that seeks to inform intervention development.

Dominic J Parrott, Christopher I Eckhardt

Current Opinion in Psychology, Volume 19, February 2018