eHealth Technology in Forensic Mental Healthcare: Recommendations for Achieving Benefits and Overcoming Barriers [2020]

While eHealth technologies such as web-based interventions, mobile apps, and virtual reality have the potential to be of added value for forensic mental healthcare, there is a gap between this potential and the current situation in practice. The goal of this study was to identify recommendations to bridge this gap. In total, 21 semi-structured interviews and 89 questionnaires were conducted in a Dutch forensic mental healthcare sample consisting of professionals, patients, and eHealth experts. Based on the broad range of identified recommendations, it can be concluded that attention should be paid to the characteristics of professionals, patients, technology, and the organization throughout the development, implementation and evaluation of eHealth.

Hanneke Kip, Kira Oberschmidt & Joyce J. P. A. Bierbooms
International Journal of Forensic Mental Health, 24 Aug 2020