Ending the Cycle of Recidivism: Rehabilitating Non-Violent Drug Offenders – 2018

Prison time is the price of most crimes in America, but it is not the only way to keep our communities safe. When it comes to non-violent drug offenders, many signs indicate that supervised rehabilitation programs are a more effective solution to reduce recidivism.

A study conducted by the Bureau of Justice Statistics found that drug offenders were the second most likely group to reoffend after property offenders; 76.9 percent of drug offenders released in 2005 were rearrested within five years, nearly half of those within the first year of release.

“Obviously what we’re doing isn’t working or we’d see greater reduction in recidivism rates and we wouldn’t see a lot of these people going through the same issues,” said Kelli Callahan, a criminal justice faculty member at American Military University. Callahan has spent 10 years working in corrections, including two years in a mental health and treatment unit within a correctional facility in the state of Washington.

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Jinnie Chua
In Public Safety, April 13, 2018