Engaging People With Lived Experience – Webinar – 2022/04/07

The HSJCC Network has recognized the essential and ongoing value of engaging people with lived experience in the human services and justice sectors for many years. As a cross-sectoral, collaborative network, the expertise and dedication of people with lived experience has enhanced the impact of our work in countless ways. For committees to enhance this engagement in a meaningful manner, it is important that members with lived experience are recognized as experts alongside all other committee members. This requires moving beyond a focus on representation to addressing power imbalances and removing barriers to participation. In turn, committees need to reflect deeply on their existing practices and commit to creating a culture of inclusion.

In November, the Provincial HSJCC released the Guidelines for Enhancing the Engagement of People With Lived Experience Across the HSJCC Network, a resource developed to provide guidance to Local and Regional HSJCCs, and other partners, on engaging people with lived experience in a meaningful and effective way. This resource was developed under the direction of the Provincial HSJCC by the Persons With Lived Experience (PWLE) Advisory Committee.

This webinar will provide an overview of the resource and explore key strategies for improving engagement. Presenters will also discuss the importance of meaningful engagement, understanding meaningful engagement vs. tokenism, and addressing common fears and concerns. Participants will be provided with the opportunity to ask questions and raise issues they may have faced at a committee level.

Steven Torresan, PWLE Advisory Committee
Trevor Tymchuk, PWLE Advisory Committee
Valerie Danieli, PWLE Advisory Committee
Tasha Rennie, HSJCC Secretariat

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