Enhancing Engagement of Persons with Lived Experience Across the HSJCC Network [2021-11-16]

Research has demonstrated that organizations derive clear benefits when they involve persons with lived experience (PWLE) in high level planning and decision-making. Organizations incorporating PWLE are enabled to offer services that are more culturally appropriate, efficient, focused, and sustainable. Lived experience knowledge produces understandings of marginalization, discrimination and oppression, and provides shared insights into changes in social status or inclusion, relationships, loss, and employment as a result of diagnosis or incarceration.

The Provincial HSJCC draws frequently upon the expertise and resources of PWLE in the human services and justice sectors in HSJCC work at the Provincial, Regional, and Local levels. In 2019, the Provincial HSJCC struck an Advisory Committee to oversee the development of a resource that would support the improvement of meaningful engagement of PWLE across the HSJCC Network. This presentation will provide an overview of this resource, which was informed through surveys and consultation with the HSJCC Network.


Valerie Danieli | PWLE Advisory Committee

Trevor Tymchuk | PWLE Advisory Committee

Tasha Rennie | HSJCC Secretariat