Enhancing probation practice and safety with smartphone applications [2017]

As technology continues to improve and become more intertwined with our everyday activities, more and more opportunities present themselves for using technology to enhance the work that we do. This article outlines the introduction of Samsung smartphones to a large number of the Department of Corrections’ workforce, as well as giving details on two applications that are being used to improve the day-to-day operations and safety of our community corrections staff in New Zealand. In early 2014, The New Zealand Department of Corrections rolled out Samsung smartphones to over 3000 staff, to aid them with their day-to-day work operations. The idea behind providing staff with smartphones was to allow staff to use their work email and calendar on-the-go, as well as to access the internet when out of the office. The introduction of smartphones represented a marked leap forward in staff mobility and productivity.

Darius Fagan
Probation Journal, Vol 64, Issue 3, 2017