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Dissociation in Children and Adolescents with Complex Trauma: The Missing Piece

October 30 @ 1:00 pm October 31 @ 4:00 pm

Children and adolescents often present in confusing, inconsistent ways. They may struggle with emotional and behavioural dysregulation. Young people frequently respond poorly to non-specific treatment. They may have multiple diagnoses or be prescribed multiple medications, without consistent, positive results. Sometimes these children present as highly achieving, success oriented young people who are seen as “remarkably resilient” to their traumatic histories, until they enter into crisis in adolescence. 

In this training, participants will explore the complex realities of children and adolescents with traumatic dissociation. Recognizing, assessing, and treating these young people requires specialized understanding and training to address dissociative symptoms. Grounded in leading edge research in dissociative disorders and developmental neurobiology, participants will be introduced to specific techniques to build and improve relationships with children and youth. They will practice ways to address the challenging (and often confusing) presentations and behaviours that interfere with daily functioning, creating chaos and disruption in the family home, placement, and school.  

Learning Outcomes 

  1. Describe key characteristics of traumatic dissociation, related behaviours and responses. 
  2. Assess young people with traumatic dissociation and plan for effective treatment. 
  3. Manage and respond to the challenging behaviours exhibited by these children and adolescents. 
  4. Use strategies to engage and form helping relationships with children and adolescents with traumatic dissociation. 
$150 – $185