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Management training: How to identify and address anti-Black racism in your organization

2021-07-19 @ 9:00 am 12:00 pm

Anti-Black racism in the workplace is an ongoing threat to the mental health and well-being of Black workers and clients. Discussing racism, let alone anti-Black racism, tends to be seen as “uncomfortable” for management and staff. No matter how uncomfortable it may be for some, racialized Black workers are constantly exposed to the abuse and harassment of racism. Whether it is from their colleagues or clients, racialized Black staff don’t feel safe. There is a fear of being reprimanded and ostracized for speaking out against racism, and not aligning with a toxic culture. 

Management will be able to identify and address anti-Black racism in the workplace, create concrete solutions on managing racist clients and colleagues, and have knowledge of assessment tools their agency can use that are culturally appropriate.

Learning objectives:

  • Identify oppressive systems (white supremacy and racial discrimination) in the workplace
  • Understand and challenge their implicit bias pertaining to anti-Black racism
  • Understand their role and responsibility as management in order to create a safe environment for racialized Black staff and Black clients
  • Create anti-Black racist policies and procedures that address staff and client behaviour