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Moving Forward: Cultivating Hope

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2021-02-24 @ 1:00 pm 5:00 pm

This four week online, skill-based, course will explore what it takes to be clinically effective regardless of the time available, setting, or presenting problem and to move through this unsettling interlude with integrity and confidence. Learn practical skills that can be implemented immediately.

Front-line practitioners all want the best for their clients, but it can be challenging to feel helpful when faced with limited time, resources, less-than-ideal situations and/or challenging times. This training will explore what it takes to be clinically effective regardless of the time available, setting, or presenting problem. Drawing on the research surrounding Hope Theory (Snyder, 1994), practitioners will be invited to consider hope as an “active ingredient” in helpful conversations and will discuss how to cultivate hope more intentionally in their work and themselves.

Although the content of this training will be generalizable to many different contexts and presenting problems, the focus will be on how to gently and sensitively kindle hopeful thinking while hearing stories of trauma survival, abuse, suicide or self-harm. This will allow clients to come away from conversations feeling more empowered as they move forward with their lives. This training is specifically intended for situations where there is an understanding that interactions with clients might be brief or informal such as walk-in clinics, drop-ins, street outreach, crisis work, case management, or residential care settings.

This training will also address how being more intentional with hope can mitigate the experience of “compassion
fatigue” among the helping professionals. The importance of staying connected and grounded to our own
experience of hope, especially when facing situations where hope is veiled, will be discussed.

Learning Outcomes
This is a skill-based training and learners will:
1) Identify how, when and where the principles of Hope Theory may be most impactful
2) Describe the key components of Hope Theory.
3) Be able to ask meaningful questions that nurture hopeful thinking.
4) Recognize how the intentional use of hope impacts their professional experience.

$271.20 – $327.70