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Niagara Region Lunch and Learn

February 1 @ 11:30 am 12:30 pm

Do you work with youth and families in the Niagara Region**?

At Pine River Institute, we believe that effective change in our students and their families happens in a therapeutic milieu, or environment, that is accurately attuned and empathic. This attunement includes giving children a consistent structure, providing recognition and setting boundaries. We believe that delayed maturity causes children to develop self-defeating coping strategies, which leads to risky behaviours and sometimes addiction.

PRI’s unique approach combines a Maturity Model and educational model based on developmental needs of children which are both grounded in best practices for treatment with addictive behaviours. During the time spent together we will offer the audience support through the understanding of what leads some children to struggle more than others and how your role within their circle of care can hold the child able by promoting resiliency and mental wellness.

**if you do not work in the Niagara Region but work with youth and families, you are more than welcome to join us!