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Sexualized Behaviour in Children: When Clinical Intervention is Necessary

January 30 @ 1:00 pm January 31 @ 4:00 pm

Most often parents, teachers, childcare professionals, foster resource parents and healthcare professionals are the ones who identify sexualized behaviour in the pre-school and school aged child. They may struggle due to lack of understanding of normative sexual development and further confounded by issues surrounding these behaviours including the influence of culture and media on “acceptable” behaviour. Making a determination as to the necessity of clinical intervention, or making a report to child welfare, requires understanding of a number of criteria. This training will use a developmental perspective to examine normative sexual behaviours in children as well as recognize inappropriate behaviours that require further assessment.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand normative sexual development in preschool and school-aged children.
  2. Recognize inappropriate sexualized behaviour presentations in young children.
  3. Determine when to refer children with sexualized behaviour for further assessment and clinical intervention.
$152.55 – $192.10