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Trauma & The Struggle to Open Up: The Therapeutic Relationship as a Catalyst for Healing

2019-10-28 @ 9:00 am 2019-10-29 @ 4:00 pm

This practical workshop, led by a leading expert on trauma and based on the book Trauma and the Struggle to Open Up, will address ways to effectively navigate the therapeutic relationship with trauma survivors to help facilitate recovery and growth while avoiding common pitfalls.

The therapeutic relationship is of utmost importance in all helper-client interactions, but it is especially important when working with trauma survivors – who often bring with them some unique challenges. For example, trauma clients may:

Have more difficulty trusting the therapist/helper
Minimize their own traumatic experiences
Become help-rejecting
Either avoid trauma work or rush too quickly into the work
Be more likely to experience transference and to enact past relationships within the therapeutic relationship

These challenges can make it difficult for helpers to find point of entry and ways to connect, as well as putting us at risk for unknowingly rupturing the relationship. Having closely examined the ups and downs of the therapy relationship with trauma survivors, Dr. Muller will address the following questions:

How can we tell when we’ve unknowingly compromised safety in the relationship?
What happens to the relationship when clients or therapists rush into the process, and how can this be addressed?
How can subtle conflicts in the relationship become useful in treatment?

$379 – $409

Mission: Empowerment!