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Youth & Cannabis Use: Landscape in Canada

March 30 @ 1:00 pm 2:30 pm

This free webinar extracts findings from various Canadian national surveys and addresses FAQs such as:

  • What is the prevalence of youth cannabis use in Canada? How do youths’ cannabis use differ from adults’ demographics?
  • How does cannabis use compare with use of other substances (i.e alcohol, tobacco) amongst youth in Canada?
  • Do youth report mixing cannabis with other substances, and what are the potential harms of doing so?
  • How has legalization of cannabis impacted youth in Canada?
  • Does initiating use at a younger age increase the likelihood of developing problem cannabis use?
  • What are potential harms of cannabis use during adolescence?
  • What risk/protective factors may influence the chances of a youth experiencing harms from substance use?
  • What harm reduction strategies are suggested if someone is considering using cannabis?
  • With all of this information, what strategies can adults use with youth to approach the topic of cannabis use in a non-judgmental, supportive way, promote wellness and foster positive youth development?