Let’s Talk Overdose


Overdose-related death is currently the leading cause for adolescent mortality. As numbers from the United States are showing, our healthcare system is not prepared to care for adolescents and young ... Read more


Empowering Black Futures: Safer Spaces for Black Youth


Advancing anti-oppressive practice and responding to the needs of Black youth require awareness and actions to enhance individual knowledge and reflectivity, as well as systemic explorations of organizational gaps and commitments to anti-Black racism. This session will provide interactive exercises and case studies that address gaps in building ‘safer spaces’ for Black youth in Canada. ... Read more

$20 – $40

Risk and Recovery Forensic Conference

Hamilton Hamilton

A conference for professionals in mental health, probation and parole, corrections, legal services, and police. St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton’s Forensic Psychiatry Program is committed to the importance of the academic ... Read more

$249 – $379

Understanding and supporting patients who use substances


This training will focus on supporting individuals across the lifespan who are experiencing challenges with their substance use and mental health. It will provide introductory information about concurrent disorders and challenges individuals may face in engaging with available treatments. Participants will explore the reasons why individuals use substances and increase understanding to better facilitate engagement ... Read more


Addressing Trauma and Its Impact on Black Youth


Historic trauma, as a result of colonialism, slavery and oppression, is passed on to future generations and impacts entire communities. Efforts to address this disparity may be ineffective if there ... Read more

$135 – $170

Motivational interviewing and harm reduction with youth


This training will focus on evidence-based interventions geared towards youth who use substances. It will provide background and instruction on therapeutic techniques for increasing youth engagement and strategies for addressing ... Read more


Empowering Black Futures: For Us, By Us


The Empowering Black Futures Series consists of three modules that explore the holistic impact of Africentric social work and community programming on Black youth and families. These modules will follow a webinar on the Foundations of Africentric Social Work (March 24th, 12-1:30 PM ET) providing foundational information on Africentric Social Work theory, practices and delivery ... Read more

$20 – $40

Psychedelic Medicines: What You Need to Know


Are you curious about the emerging popularity of using psychedelic medicines in therapy? This webinar explores the history and use of different types of plant-based medicines, with a focus on Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy. You will learn about the neurobiological effects of psychedelics, as well as their benefits and things to be cautious about. You will have ... Read more

$35 – $44

Surging High or Staying Well: Addiction & Mental Health Matters among Adolescents, Students & Young Adults


We have a highly renowned Panel of Speakers beginning with Dr. Amit Rotem our Keynote Speaker (who is a Psychiatrist & Associate Chief of Child, Youth & Family Services at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health CAMH and ending with Dr. Marshall Korenblum who will Present the Concluding Address. (He is Associate Professor of ... Read more

$155 – $175

Confronting Suicidal Ideation and High Risk Behaviour


Confronting Suicidal Ideation and High-Risk Behaviour has a particular focus on the human aspects of high-risk behavior seen from both the perspective of the client and the professional. This course addresses: ... Read more

$110 – $140