Examining Factors Associated With Program Completion Among Women Participants in a Statewide Drug Court Program – 2018

The study purpose was to examine factors affecting women in completing drug court. Participants were 212 women drug court participants selected via stratified random sampling (by county) from the larger Kentucky Drug Court participant population. Various secondary data sources were used (e.g., participant assessment, Management Information System), and multivariate logistic regression examining 17 independent variables showed 4 variables were significantly associated with program completion for women: employment at program assessment, intravenous opiate use, number of times hospitalized for psychological or emotional problems, and conviction of a misdemeanor-eligible violent crime before drug court. Study findings can be used by social workers and other practitioners to better understand women’s drug court participation and to identify ways to tailor program services for women’s unique needs.

Lisa M. Shannon, PhD, MSW, Afton Jackson Jones, MPH, Elizabeth Perkins, PhD, Jennifer Newell, BSW & Connie M. Payne, JD
Journal of Social Work Practice in the Addictions, Volume 18, 2018 – Issue 2